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About the service we provide

Quotaless provides space on its servers for you to store your files.

The files you upload to our servers are yours. These terms do not grant us any rights over your files.

We need your permission to host your files, make backups and share them when you request it, among other actions.

Your files will be saved encrypted in remote storage, and will be decrypted when accessed by you through the file management panel or any software compatible with our service.

Your files may be stored in foreign countries, including the United States and the Netherlands.

Liability for the data you upload

It is expressly forbidden to use Quotaless to host content that violates the laws of the country in which the files are stored or accessed.

Other prohibited content includes, but is not limited to: sexual abuse, pedophilia or zoophilia; images, videos or audio of death, torture or real violence; material containing hate speech, prejudice or harassment.

In the event of a breach of these terms, we will block access to the offending content and subsequently remove it from our servers.

Acceptable use of the service

Unless expressly authorized, it is forbidden to use Quotaless to host content to be played by apps such as Plex, Emby and Jellyfin, except for personal use or in a family environment of up to 6 people including the account owner.




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